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Текст песни In My Rosary - The Medusa Touch
Who's that one shaking up my mind
I think I've seen her before
She's like a ghost sliding through my brain
Somebody calls me insane

Her hair has given birth to the snakes
And now they're hissing at me
Her evil eyes make my blood run cold
She's striking the right note

She is my master and I'm her slave
The chain is much too short
Her frozen touch is scaring me to death
And now I'm gasping for breath

My will is broken, my heart's of stone
Nobody weeps for my soul
My flesh is lifeless, I'm taking her shape
And there ain't no way to escape

I feel her touch on me
I feel the evil raise
I know the time is high
I hear the word she sighs

This curse will never fade away

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Тексты песен группы In My Rosary

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