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Текст песни Hypnogaja - They Don't Care
Strange, there's comfort in lies
Ways, for you to get by
I can feel your pain
I can hear you breaking
All your hopes and fears are here for the taking

They need you, but they don't give a fuck about
They bleed you, but they don't give a fuck about
They feed you the lies, you want to hear it
But they don't care

They say shit, but they don't give a fuck about
They play shit, but they don't give a fuck about
They fake shit, and say they really wanna
But they don't care

Fame, you follow it blind
You're shamed, if not with your kind

And all the knowledge in the world couldn't save you from it
All your ignorance is bliss and that's the way they want it
And they will label a traitor if you speak out of turn
Ain't got no rights, if you fight at the stake you will burn

The novelty of your freedom it doesn't even exist
You're just a slave to the wage, you're just a hand over fist
You ain't got nothin but bluffin, front and try to break out
You're just a pawn, and they don't give a fuck about

They need you, but not your opinion
They'll say what you want, but they don't care

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