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Текст песни In My Rosary - Way Into Your Heart
You're on my mind
You always want to know
Who's behind my face
There's nothing I can say
So I fall from grace
But I will never know
We're on a trip
We're diving for the clouds
And there's no way back
There's nothing we have lost
Though we're off the track
But we will never know

There leads a way
Into your heart
It shines a light
Out of the dark
And when we touch
And when we kiss
There's nothing else
We both will miss

And I cry me like a bird
I'm captured in a cage
And your smile means death
There's nothing I can do
It's as simple as maths
But I will never know
You're like a cat
You want to drink your milk
In a golden cup
There's nothing in the world
That will make you stop
So taste a bitter tear

It's a lie
Switch off the light
And close your hungry eyes
My tender flesh
Is waiting for your bite
I must die
Let's wave goodbye

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Тексты песен группы In My Rosary

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