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Текст песни In My Rosary - You Know Nothing
Sometimes I shoot holes into the sun
Because I cannot stand its sight
It makes me anxious with its great smile
That mocks me, because I am so helpless

Sometimes I scratch out the eyes of the moon
For it looks at me with great sunken eyes
That devour me at all
Until there is nothing left but my shadow

Sometimes I cut a cross into my flesh
It shall be both protection and comfort
It's the pain that promises me a little life
And believe it or not I wish to live for all that

Sometimes I wonder why I live here
And than I wish to shatter all around me
Nothing makes sense and nothing is tangible any more
This world's a mirror that has gone blind

Sometimes I watch your mouth talking to me
I see the movements and guess your intention
Sometimes even a word gets through to me
But understand? No, I don't understand any more

What do you know about me?
You think you know me?
That's a fatal fault
You ain't got the faintest notion of me!

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