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Auron (FFX) - Цитаты

  • Auron (at the end of a battle): That's how it's done.

  • Yuna(Early after receiving Auron as a party member):Sir Auron, it's an honour!
  • Auron:Thanks!

  • Auron: (to Tidus) We called it "Sin."

  • Auron: (When activating overdrive) Pray-now!

  • Auron: (to Tidus) This is it. This is your story. It all begins here.

  • Auron: Once Lady Yuna fixes her hair, we leave!

  • Auron: Searching the past to find the future... This is all that is there (referring to the Farplane). I need it not.

  • Seymour Guado (looking at Auron): Why are you still here, sir? We Guado are keen to the scent of the Farplane (sensing that Auron is an unsent)

  • Rikku: Are you having fun doing this to me?
  • Auron: Fine, we rest. She's worse than the storm.

  • Auron: Yuna's easy to read.
  • Tidus: Yeah, she is.
  • Auron: But hard to guard. Stand by her, always.

  • Rikku: What is that?
  • Lulu: The guardian wyrm, Evrae. The great sacred beast-protector of Bevelle!
  • Auron: The red carpet has teeth.

  • Auron: A fayth. They join with a summoner, and together receive the aeon. They are human souls, imprisoned in stone by ancient Yevon rites. The dead should be allowed to rest.

  • Yuna: I won't leave Kimahri behind!
  • Auron: He is a guardian. Protecting you is everything!

  • Auron: Running around in a panic is not going to help. Right now, you have to keep cool and search.
  • Barthello: But-
  • Auron: Guard your emotions, then guard your summoner.

  • Wakka: Huh, never would've figured. Legendary guardians choke sometimes too, ya?
  • Auron: Legendary guardian? I was just a boy. A boy about your age, actually. I wanted to change the world, too. But I changed nothing. That is my story.

  • Auron: Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!

  • Tidus: Auron...
  • Auron: Don't make that face. Being dead has its advantages.

  • Auron: (to Tidus) Once this is over, I will leave. I have played at life for too long.

  • Auron: (to Tidus) Outside the dream world, life can be harsh, even cruel. But it is life. Jecht wanted you to have a shot at life. I saw it in Sin's eyes. That's why I brought you here, to Spira.

  • Jecht: You're late, Auron.
  • Auron: ...I know.

  • (Yuna performs her sending. Auron begins to fade away.)
  • Auron: Don't stop.
  • Yuna: But I...
  • Auron: It's all right. It's been long enough...
  • (Auron gives each party member a glance, before tapping Kimahri on the chest. He walks next to Tidus, but doesn't look at him. He walks to the front and turns to face them one last time.)
  • Auron: This is your world now. (fades into pyreflies)

  • Auron: (to Tidus) Sin is Jecht.

  • Auron: (regarding Via Purifico) I hate this place.

  • Auron:(To Seymour Natus) Although he was not the man I once knew, Kinoc was still my friend, Seymour! You will pay for his death!

  • Auron:(To Tidus about the mechanism on the side of the road) That! Knock it down! (after Tidus says "What?") Trust me, you'll see.
  • Auron: Some cant wait to die!
  • Auron: (at the end of a battle): Enough.

  • Auron (at the end of a battle): No time to waste, let's go!
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