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Final Fantasy VIII - Quistis (цитаты)

  • You know, the boys often choke on this test when I come with them. I guess my charm makes them nervous.
    • (Attempting to put Squall in a lighter mood during his SeeD field exam.)
  • You really are an excellent student. Even that dance was perfect.
  • Squall, it's not like everyone can get by on their own, you know?
  • For the last time, stay back! You're only going to provoke him.
    • (To Galbadian soldiers attempting to rescue President Deling.)
  • Irvine Kinneas! You're playing a major role in this mission. Now behave yourself!
    • (To Irvine as he flirts with two women from his team, who then complains: "No one understands me...")
  • I have no musical aptitude whatsoever.
  • Well, Zell was riding his T-Board in the hallways of Garden. He made a sharp turn and went straight into the woman's res...
    • (Recalling Zell's "famous" incident.)
  • Even after becoming an instructor, I couldn't stop thinking about Squall. I thought it was...love. I had to hide my feelings because I was an instructor, but I've come to realise it wasn't. It was my childhood feelings as a big sister that lingered... Oh well..." (A misunderstood love...? Actually, I had completely given up when Rinoa came into the picture.)
  • She might wake up with a kiss from the prince.
    • (Suggesting a way for Squall to revive Rinoa.)
  • Hello, this is Quistis Trepe. I've been quite busy with my SeeD duties. How's everybody doing with their studies and training? For all those working towards becoming a SeeD and everyone else, just remember, have fun.
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