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Final Fantasy VIII - Rinoa (цитаты)

  • You're-going-to-like-me! You're-going-to-like-me! Did it work?
  • Attempting to get Squall to dance with her at the SeeD graduation party.
  • Act on my decision? That's your duty? Oh, what an easy life it must be, just to follow orders...
  • Do you actually have fun acting so callous towards your comrades?
  • You're still a teenager. Why don't you act like one for a change?
  • That's why TODAY, the time we have now is important.
  • I guess...I'm getting scared. Sometimes...when I'm with all of you... I...feel like we're on the same wavelength......you know? But when the battles start happening, it's different. Everyone's tempo seems to pick up and... ...I get left behind. I try to catch up, but it's no use... How far is everyone going? I can't hear anyone... Once I catch up, I wonder... Is everyone safe? Will they welcome me with open arms? ......Is everyone ok? Will we all make it back together?
  • But now... Squall, you're the one who gives me the most comfort. Comfort and happiness... And annoyance and disappointment, too!
  • I don't want the future. I want the present to stand still. I just want to stay here with you...
  • Oh look, a naughty magazine.
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