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Final Fantasy VIII - Selphie (цитаты)

  • Heeey! Lookin' good!
    • To Squall in his evening uniform.
  • Alright! Let's hit that PAAH-TAY!
  • SeeD! SeeeeD! SeeeeeeeD!
    • When she graduates to become a SeeD.
  • Train Train, Take Us Away, Take Us Away, Far Away, To The Future, We Will Go, Where it Leads, No One Knows
    • Singing.
  • That is sooo vague!
    • After hearing that her SeeD deployment contract lasts "until Timber achieves independence."
  • Super-Duper-Mega-Bummer!!
  • Well, fine then! We WILL have a good time!
    • When told coldly to have a good time.
  • Well, we could skin this little guy and wear him as a disguise...
    • "Jokingly" offering an idea to get out of a holding cell; referring to a moomba.
  • Ooh neato! A hole in the middle of no-where!
  • UP YOURS!!
    • To Galbadian guards once she gets to the control room of the desert missile base.
  • Destroy everything!
    • Pushing buttons randomly when attempting to reprogram a missile-launcher.
  • Alright! NEXT!
    • After she defeats a Galbadian guard.
  • Irvy Kinnepooo! I'll make you happy!
  • Squall! You big stud! This is all for you! Congratulations! Enjoy the show! Rinoa, don't let him get away!
  • You should feel honored that a very, very cute girl sat on your bed, you know!
    • To Zell after sitting on his bed.
  • Well, fine then! I didn't think you were so...anal.
  • Let's just fire like crazy and make a big hole, BOOM!
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