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Final Fantasy VIII - Zell (цитаты)

  • D-Do you have any...hot dogs left?
  • Why you bein' so selfish!? Scrooooge!
  • Chicken Wuss?!?
(When Squall decides they jump off the cliff after Selphie.)
  • This is my house. But don't make yourselves too comfortable!
  • ...The HELL! Man...Now this is what I call boring. This ain't right, man!
  • Here we go...Psyche yourself up, baby!
  • Time to GET IT ON!!
  • This train is awesome! A transcontinental railroad, baby!
  • We're on your team, Instructor. Let's kick some ass!
  • Hey, a key...NOT!
  • Searching for a way out after being inadvertently locked in a room in General Caraway's house.
  • We're here to liberate Balamb, ya know!? ...I mean...uhh... We're here to liberate Balamb!
  • Accidentally finishing his sentence with the phrase 'ya know' after hearing Raijin say it repeatedly.
  • YOOOO!!! The HELL you doin'!!!?
  • After Irvine fires his gun in Zell's room.
  • Why don't you try to show a little more passion...? You know, like me!
  • If it's Odine brand, it should be pretty effective! They're NO.1 when it comes to magical goods.
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